Baptism and Confirmation

Organising a Baptism
Marking the birth of a new child is of great importance to any family. A christening or baptism service enables you to give thanks for the child you have
Baptism for children and adults
Many parents choose to bring their child to church to be baptised. Baptism recognises several important parts of an individual's life. It is a sign of God's love for us as part of His creation. Parents bringing their child to be baptised are publicly thanking God for the gift of life. They are also making a decision to help their child start a journey of faith and asking God and the church for support.
For more information about Baptism of a child visit the baptism section of the Church of England website.
If you want to arrange a baptism then please get in contact with us.
Baptism does involve the parents and godparents of the child making certain promises and commitments before God. These commitments involve bringing the young person up as a follower of Jesus. The church has a special service which offers thanks for the gift of the child which is suitable for those who don't, at this stage, wish their child to be baptised.
Baptism as an adult
Baptism is not just for children. Many adults who have not been baptised as children want to make a commitment to God later in their life. The Church of England website contains more details about baptism as an adult and Christian initiation.
Getting confirmed
Baptism is, we hope, the start of the journey that all Christians are on with God. As a persons faith and understanding grows and deepens they may reach a point where they are ready to make a further commitment to God. This will take the form of a confirmation service where the individual publically affirms their faith and this faith is confirmed by the laying on of hands from a Bishop. For more details about confirmation then visit the Church Of England website.
Baptism Tree

Those baptised in St Ann's place a star on a tree at the front of church to mark their baptism, and entry into God’s family


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